Rotor Blade Hardware


The Rotor Blade Barn Door Hardware captures a modern design on an otherwise rustic feel. With hand-forged 3″ spoke wheels and a slim 1″ strap, the wheels offer a smooth roll and quality durability increasing load bearing capabilities.

Clearance needed above the top of door: 6″. Weight limit is 200lbs.

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The Rotor Blade Barn Door Hardware is a brand new design for 2016. The spoke wheel has proved to be timeless and embodies traditional and a contemporary feel. The minimal size and unique design add a sense of the modern to a classic concept. The wheels are hand forged in a foundry to provide American made quality, and the unique look and feel desired by the design team. The wheel is then lathed to create a smooth channel for the track to rest in. Each wheel has a bushing infused with oil to maintain a smooth and quiet feel for the duration of the products use. The Modern Spoke Wheel Barn Door Hardware brings modern to rustic; a perfect match for any of our sliding barn doors.

The barn door hardware is American-made in a foundry. First, the design was sketched on paper, a 3-D mold was then made from the sketch. When the mold was perfected, it was replicated and ready to make wheels. Liquid aluminum is now poured into the molds and then cooled. When fully cooled, the liquid has taken the shape of our 3″ Rotor Blade Barn Door Hardware.

Each set of Rotor Blade Barn Door Hardware ordered includes the following:

  • All Hardware is Powder Coated
  • 2 Modern Spoke Barn Door Hangers and Wheels
  • Track at length ordered
  • Lag Bolts and Spacers – 1 per foot of track ordered
  • 2 stops for the end of the track
  • 1 guide to support the bottom of the door
  • All needed hardware and bolts to hang the barn door track

Any track longer than 9ft must be shipped in 2 pieces

Hardware Lead Time: 3-5 business days production + 2-5 days transit

Chrome Hardware Lead Time: 2-3 weeks production + 2-5 days transit