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The Mikros Barn Door Hardware is the perfect fit for tight spaces, small doors, and modern decor.

Clearance Required above Door: 4″ Weight limit is 375lbs.

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The Mikros Barn Door Hardware was designed to offer a low clearance solution for those tight spaces, yet maintain the strength and weight capacity limits expected of Elegant crafted products. The track that comes with theMikros sliding barn door hardware is 1.5″ allowing the total needed clearance to be only 4″.

TheMikros Barn Door Hardware excels in function. Crafted to slide silently and smooth it retains the strength and function of larger barn door hanger styles while offering a smaller alternative. This barn door hardware can be used on cabinets, small doors, or simply as part of the overall decor.

Each wheel is inset with a ball bearing and carefully machined steel to provide the highest quality possible.

Any track longer than 9ft must be shipped in 2 pieces

Hardware Lead Time: 3-5 business days production + 2-5 days transit

Chrome Hardware Lead Time: 2-3 weeks production + 2-5 days transit