Maverick Hardware


The most universally recognized sliding door hardware on the market. With heightened weight capacity and a smooth, timeless look, the Original sliding door hardware adds substance to any home design.


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The Classic Sliding Barn Door Hardware is the most universally manufactured and sold style of hardware on the market today. Rather than leaving the well-recognized style to the others, New Haven has taken the timeless design and perfected it. Every piece of hardware is built to the perfect dimension with bearing wheels, powder coated, and packaged to arrive ready to hang. There is no door that doesn’t look better with Original sliding door hardware.


The Classic sliding door hardware is made from 3/16” cold rolled steel. The strap itself is 1 ½” in width, with a total clearance needed of 5”. The wheel and strap design are able to hold up to a 600lb door for every 2 hangers.

The wheel is 2 ½” in width, lathed to fit the track perfectly and produce the ultimate smooth roll. Each wheel has a bearing, adding to the effortless function and limiting the sound emitted when the door is opening and closing.

Included in each set:

  • 2 hangers with bearing wheels
  • Track (length ordered)
  • Standoffs and Lag Bolts
  • 2 stops, attach to the end of the track to prevent door from rolling off track
  • 1 stay guide (Selected from options of guides)
  • Bolts, nuts, washers needed to hang the hardware

*Any track longer than 9ft must be shipped in 2 pieces.

Design Ideas

The Classic sliding barn door hardware can be used for any style of décor and design. The classic look is recognized as a staple in the sliding barn door hardware industry, and is transitional in design accommodating any door and building on it. Often the Classic sliding door hardware looks best with door styles that have been around for centuries such as; doors with X cross sections, 3-paneled doors, and 6-paneled doors. The consistent quality of the hardware and its widespread use does note deter the creative from finding new methods of enhancing the hardware and new door styles that emphasize it in ways that others haven’t yet discovered