Elegant Hardware 12 X 12 X 5 inch Square Undermount Copper Bar Sink in Sierra Fired Copper Finish – with Minweight


Elegant Hardware 12 inch Solid Copper Sink for Bar Sink , Vegetable Sink, Utility Sink

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Elegant Hardware 12 by 12 by 5 inch square undermount copper bar sink adds elegance to any room. It features 17 gauge copper and we guarantee the weight (sink only – not shipping weight) to be at least 2 LB 7 OZ. The hole for the drain is flat edged, not punched into a cone, which ensures a solid seal for 3.5 inch drains – perfect size for a garbage disposal or drain. The Sierra Fired Copper finish affects the copper itself – much more durable than a finish created with acid or paint; each sink’s finish is similar but unique. The forming by tight hammer strokes adds additional strength and beauty to copper .