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TheCaos Sliding Barn Door Hardware features slits in the hanger design to expose pieces of the barn door, creating a chic and unique style to the overall barn door hardware set. Stainless Steel, Negative Space, and High-Quality Manufacturing.

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The Caos Sliding Barn Door Hardware series takes architectural hardware to a new level. The entirely unique design is captured by the negative space throughout the barn door hanger. The spacing allows the door to be seen through the spaces, whether painted or stained, it adds a continuum and elegance that can’t be found anywhere else in barn door hardware. The 3″ stainless steel wheel is carefully rounded to reflect light at the perfect angle. The wheel creates an unbeatably smooth roll that nearly emits no sound at all. A creatively crafted strap secures the hanger to the sliding barn door track, and maintains the modern characteristics of the sliding barn door hardware set.

Unique Quality Factors

  • Stainless Steel Finish on all Components
  • Ball Bearing Wheels for Unbeatable Roll
  • Unique Bolts for Sleek Appearance
  • Negative Spacing in Barn Door Hanger


The Caos Sliding Barn Door Hardware is made from 3/16″ stainless steel. The strap itself is 2 1/2″” in width. The wheel and strap design are rated to hold up to a 300lb door. The wheel is 3″ in width, and grooved to fit the track perfectly and produce the ultimate smooth roll. Each wheel has a bearing, adding to the effortless function and limiting the sound emitted when the door is opening and closing.

Included in each set:

  • 2 bearing wheels and barn door hangers
  • Barn Door Track (length ordered) with Pre-Drilled Holes
  • Standoffs and Lag Bolts
  • 2 stops, attach to the end of the track to prevent door from rolling off track
  • 1 stay guide (Selected from options of guides)
  • Bolts, nuts, washers needed to hang the hardware

Design Ideas

A completely unique and custom design, theCaos Sliding Barn Door Hardware is in need of experimentation in a number of different installations. The sharp features and empty space take an extremely modern look and add a touch of additional aesthetic. TheCaos barn door hardware looks incredible with stained doors and bold paints to contrast the stainless steel, taking focus to the hardware itself. Be bold, and experiment with theCaos and its modern design.

Any track that exceeds 9ft in length must be shipped in two separate pieces.

Hardware Lead Time: 3-5 business days production + 2-5 days transit

Chrome Hardware Lead Time: 2-3 weeks production + 2-5 days transit


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